In Greece, drinking is a ritual. Fun ritual full of color, taste and life but ritual nonetheless- and you shouldn’t miss out! Missing out on drinking Greek in Greece is like going to the beach and never dipping in- a major miss you don’t want.

Drinking for Greeks and greek culture in general is meant as a social connector, a way to bond with your friends, family and neighbors and create good, merry memories that will help you through the hardships of everyday life.

Drinking in GreeceLike the nectar of the Gods, drinking is central as a means, but peripheral as an end: you are expected to drink to make merry and to participate in the partying, the chatting, the socializing. That is more important than the alcohol itself.

Drinking in Greece is never done alone, and it’s never without company- both in terms of friends AND in terms of food: drinking without eating something to ‘ground the booze’ is considered a sad, sad affair that is more like an illness than something awesome, as drinking should be.

If you do it right, drinking Greek will give you all the advantages and none of the drawbacks: you’ll drink a lot, you won’t get drunk, and you’ll remember every moment of your merriment, partying and bonding with friends, old and new.

So what DO you get to drink in Greece, and what do you accompany it with, since you shouldn’t ever drink it on its own?

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Fragokastello is a village located in Sfakia, Crete, concerning sixteen kilometres from Chora.
It has one of the foremost necessary sights you'll be able to visit within the area of Chania:
The Medieval Venetian Castle!

Dating from the 14th century B.C., designed by the Venetians that occupied the land at the time, this castle still
dominates the scene of the complete space, despite having solely the outer walls and towers intact.

During the Greek Revolution, within the year 1828 a terrible, bloody and vicious battle occurred between the Cretans and the Ottomans.
The Ottomans won, massacring a decent part of the Cretan fighters - and that, legend says, is what's accountable for the spiritual, mysterious development that you will see along with your very own eyes:
each year in the last days of may and up to the start of June, shortly before daybreak, you'll be able to stand in a particular place in Fragokastello (you are shown where) and see the shadows of the dead warriors marching towards the ocean, armor sparkling.
It lasts for around eight minutes.

Is it truly the ghosts of these warriors, or isn't it?
Depending on who you ask you get different answers - however everybody knows them by their name: Drosoulites.

But even if you’re not into ghost stories, history or mysteries, Fragokastello is a excellent spot for relaxing and family vacations!
There’s a diverse array of things to explore and places to be besides the Venetian castle.

The beaches square measure shallow quite so much into the ocean, creating them heat and ideal for families.
They're additionally principally undeveloped, staying faithful origins rather that having the surroundings and surroundings spoiled by over-exploitation or touristry.
In fact, relatively few tourists venture during this space thus you'll have the possibility to truly fancy the native colour and also the famed hospitality of the locals!

Still, the beach of Fragokastello will have some umbrellas and sunbeds for your convenience. many different
beaches are quiet and picturesque, excellent for strolls on the seaside - like Fata Morgana, Orthi Ammos and Koutelos beach.

If you're less of a beach person andd more of an adventuring, hiking sort of person, Fragokastello has you covered!
All you wish to try and do is head over to the exciting gorge of Imbros and also the depression of Kares to fancy the superb views and do some trekking!
You'll encounter lush inexperienced, many totally different types of plants within the forest, stunning flowers and even some mountain goats!
It is also a gorge that's simple to trek, thus it’s ideal for beginners while being beautiful enough to be visited by experienced people.

In the village of Fragokastello, you'll have a selection of tavernas wherever you'll notice ancient handmade style food and a healthy vary of choices together with choices for vegan and vegetarian guests.
Most of them boast nice views of the ocean and valleys.